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Surveillance Video Captures The Moment A Truck Smashes A Low Bridge (Video)
Posted by Jannessa on August 24 2015
A surveillance camera in Massachusetts caught video footage of a truck smashing into a notoriously low clearance bridge. The truck driver, either unaware of the height of the truck or not paying attention to the "CAUTION" sign (clearly visible in the video) barrels through the overpass, destroying the box truck and nearly knocking it on its side. The drivers behind the truck, who watched the accident happen, stop for a moment, seemingly say “Well, forget this,” turn around and drive away.

Lesson 1: Know how tall your vehicle is and drive accordingly.
Lesson 2: Don’t get into an accident in Massachusetts.  No one will take the time to make sure you're okay!
Tags:  crashdamagedriverfailidiottruck
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