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Phillies Pitcher Catches A Line Drive In His Jersey (Video)
Posted by Steve on September 20 2017
Check out this incredible play. It's definitely something you don't see every day. 

After Phillies pitcher Nick Pivetta delivered a pitch, the Dodgers' Austin Barnes lined the ball right back at Pivetta. And then, the ball disappeared for a second, because it somehow ended up INSIDE Pivetta's jersey! Pivetta retrieved the ball and tossed it on the ground as everyone ran off the field because it was the third out of the inning. Pretty amazing!

However, it was later pointed out by Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson on Instagram that the play shouldn't have actually been an out! Apparently, it's written in the official rulebook that a player cannot use any part of their uniform to make a catch. So according to rules, Pivetta should have actually had to throw the ball to first in order to get Barnes out. See Donaldson's post below for a full explanation. 

From earlier. Lots of questions asked why it is not a catch.

A post shared by Josh Donaldson (@tos_bor20) on

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