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Mom Tells Her Son If He Eats A Fork-Full Of Wasabi She'll Get Him A PS4 (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on February 20 2018
Everyone knows the best way to give kids what they want is to make them do something somewhat embarrassing or gross first! 

Seems like it may be somewhat cruel but parents need fun too! That's why when this kid wanted a PS4, his mom told him he would have to eat a fork-full of wasabi first! 

The kid has never tried it before and thinks it won't be as bad as we all know it will be and even asks his mom "is it good?" Yeah, man, it's delicious...

His reaction is a mix of hilarious and absolutely disgusting especially when he sticks his tongue out to get some relief but all we see on his tongue is green sludge. 

He eventually can't take it anymore and starts drooling and ends up spitting it out. 

It's pretty gross and we don't know how we feel having seen it. We're laughing and also really hoping he gets his PS4! 

Tags:  funnygrossteensvideo games
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