Monday, November 30, 2015

1. 25 things you’ll never regret Part 1

2. 25 things you’ll never regret Part 2

3. Flashback - Friday Top 5: Old man sweater and fake IQ test

4. Great time at Friday’s live show, CWTTAB

5. Doo Doo the clown saved the day!

6. Tim Tebow was dumped because he didn’t put out

7. FBHW Report

8. We follow up with a listener from last week, our friend Carlo is in a ton of trouble

9. Some calls and emails with advice for Carlo

10. Follow-ups from people who were going to ruin Thanksgiving

11. FBHW Report - Trump talk, Tyson Fury sings, Trump insults, reporter’s outtake

12. Cleveland high school dance canceled because of dirty dancing

13. Holiday Break-in nominations, When were you rude to a celebrity?

14. Another call about being rude to a celebrity, man stuck in chimney, WHWT

15. 10 worst Christmas movies of all time, what we learned today

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Milking Is the New Planking (Video)
Posted by Steve on November 27 2012
Milking Is the New Planking (Video)
Remember planking?  Sure you do.  People climbing up on to objects and laying flat with their arms at their sides...for really no reason.  Yup, that was planking.  Then there was coning, where people would grab ice cream cones by the wrong end.  That came and went.  Well here it is, folks.  The new planking/coning.  It's called milking!

In order to successfully take place in milking, you go in to a store and buy a gallon of milk.  You walk out of the store, open the milk and then pour it on your head.  Am I the only one that thinks this would be the perfect Joe stunt?  Check out the video below.
Tags:  pranksvideoswtf
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