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Joe's Desk: A Complete Inventory (Picture)
Posted by Steve on December 05 2012
Joe's Desk: A Complete Inventory (Picture)

It's no secret on the show that Producer Joe is always in to the latest fad diet or magic tonic powder that will help him remain "healthy".  Earlier this morning, intern Hip Face looked in to Joe's booth and just laughed.  When I asked him what he was laughing at, he just pointed.  I guess I've become so used to seeing what he saw that I didn't really think anything of it at first.  Then I looked closer.  This is what I saw.

I've never seen anything like it.  It looked like a crappy pharmacy had barfed out all of it's contents on to Joe's desk.  I sent Hip Face in there to get me a complete inventory.  Here's what Joe takes on a daily basis to remain in peak physical condition.

  • Metamucil- 48.2 oz
  • Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract- 2 oz
  • Unblanched Peanut Butter- 16 oz
  • Ginkgo biloba- 200 60 mg capsules
  • Collagen mineral tablets- 390 tablets
  • Hot Multigrain cereal- 18 oz
  • ASSULT lipo- targeting liquid- 120 capsules
  • St. John’s Wort-150 300mg capsules
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil- 120 1000mg softgels
  • Milk Thistle XTRA- 250 240mg capsules
  • Potassium- 100 99mg capsules
  • Chia seed- 16 oz
  • Ester-C -300 500 mg tablets
  • B-12- 375 1000mcg tablets
  • Sea Salt- 17.6 oz
  • C4 EXTREME- 348g
  • Glucosamine 1500mg/ Chadroitin 1200mg- 220mg
  • Green Tea- 6 tea bags
At least once a morning, most of these are thrown in to the Magic Bullet, mixed up and consumed.  It doesn't help at all that his booth is about 35 degrees warmer than the rest of the building and things seem to ferment in there.  It smells great.  Really.  
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