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Home Repair
Posted by Eric Zane on June 02 2009
I am always very impressed when people do home improvements to their own homes that actually look good. A homeowner who is effective at getting s**t done is always a force to be reckoned with.

Everything at my dump is falling apart. Seriously! The shed has holes in it. The paint's peeling badly off of the house. I need a new roof. My fence is rotting and gross to look at. The lawn will once again be infested with crabgrass and thousands of anthills. The worst part is I can't (or refuse) to do anything about it. The problem is that I used to try. Trying only made my situation worse. I tried to re-do the upstairs bathroom. It looked worse when I was done. Now I won't even attempt to work on the problems. If I do, I usually get too busy and never complete the task. I've got this stupid jerk lamp post in my front yard. The thing was rusted and looking like ass; the same as everything else at my hole-house. "Tool-time" Eric decided to tackle the problem with my usual gusto: Sand the damn thing till my arm got sore, then say "f**k it" and give up. Now the dick lamp post looks even more dick. I can't even winterize the pool. The thing is an in-ground pool. I think I may of managed to destroy it this year. You're supposed to pour RV antifreeze into the skimmer to run through the lines so that any water in there won't freeze. Guess what jerk forgot to do that this year. If those lines cracked, we're f'd. It would cost thousands to repair.

The only thing I can do well is replace sprinkler heads. I'm awesome at that. Hell, I can even replace underground sprinkler lines. Somehow I've managed to do a good job when it comes to that particular type of maintenance.

Ok that's it for now. See ya!
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