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Frat Bro Throws TV Off House Room, Smashes A Woman Right In The Head (Video)
Posted by Steve on October 23 2017
It's not like knowing how to catch a TV is a relevant skill for anyone, but even if it was, this is NOT the way to do it!

Watch as a frat bro, who is hanging out on the frat house roof, attempts to throw a TV off the roof and smash it on the front lawn. Total frat move, right? Too bad the whole thing was ruined by a girl who walked into the blast zone at precisely the wrong time, because she caught the TV right in the back of the head. Somehow, she managed to not fall over, and even kind of laughed it off! We'll just assume it was due to the concussion that she no doubt suffered!
Tags:  brodamageinjurytelevisionswtf
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