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Drunk Airline Passenger Duct Taped To Seat (Video)
Posted by Steve on January 09 2013
Drunk Airline Passenger Duct Taped To Seat (Video)
The other day on the show, we talked briefly about the story of the Iceland Air passenger that was so intoxicated while on a flight, other passengers actually duct taped him to his seat to restrain him.  It took place on a New Year's Eve flight from Reykjavik to New York.  He apparently drank a ton and was then spitting on other passengers.  We didn't spend a whole lot of time talking about it, but someone definitely said "We'll see video of this in the next couple of days".  Well, that statement was dead on.

Below, check out the video of the dude being taped to his seat and freaking out, as shot by another passenger on the flight. 
Tags:  weird newswtf
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