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Denver Woman Has a Trash Problem, Then Proceeds to Dig Through it All (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on September 18 2017
Denver resident, Alexi Dipietro, is confused and astounded by a pile of trash that randomly piled up by her home! 

She's so fed up with it, she began to go through it to try to find some evidence of a culprit and found some wild treasures. 

While saying "oh my god!" to everything she finds, Dipietro finds a prescription bottle, a Dr. Seuss book, feces, and jars of pickles. 

"I was shocked. I saw the pile of trash and it pissed me off" she said.

Denver Public Works has looked into the situation and has been taking measures to deter illegal dumping; while this is good for the city, though, Dipietro is still dealing with her s***ty trash pile!  
Tags:  angrygarbagegrosslocal news
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