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Comedian Finds Surprise In Heckler's Pocket (Video)
Posted by Lauren on December 03 2012
Comedian Finds Surprise In Heckler's Pocket (Video)
This night of stand-up turned out to be incredibly educational for everyone involved. After searching through the jacket of an audience member, this comedian learned that the best way to shut up a heckler is to threaten them with police involvement and that you should never, ever, take items of clothing from the audience if you want to stay out of jail yourself. The female heckler learned that as a wife it is totally okay to hand over your husband's illicit drugs to get a good laugh. The male heckler learned that he should probably take his drugs with him when he uses the restroom lest he risk his wife throwing him under the bus. 

Have you ever found something you weren't supposed to find?  Let us know in the comments below. 
Tags:  wtf
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