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Colorado Springs Cannabis Club Mixes Weed With A Sex Party (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on January 18 2018
Speakeasy Vape Lounge and Cannabis Club is usually known for its chill atmosphere where people can smoke weed and play video games but they recently decided to turn things up a notch with a sex party. 

Club owner Jaymen Johnson has had multiple groups over the past years approach him about a way to mix the statewide legal weed with sex. 

Eventually Johnson contacted officials, found out it would be perfectly legal because it is a private club, and thus the pot sex party was born. 

Apparently it had a good turnout, although social media seems to have had an issue (would you expect anything else?). 

There's already one couple visiting from Alabama that was sad to hear they had missed it, but don't get too paranoid 
you'll miss it (unless paranoia's from the weed, then carry on) because Johnson says he is eager and open to hosting again. 
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